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Integrative Massage

60 min $45-$75 /  90 min $75-$100  Sliding scale

This session is tailored to your specific needs and incorporates various massage styles and techniques.  Devon draws from her experience and training in Kripalu style bodywork, Esalen style masage, Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, and myofascial/trigger point therapy to create a massage that addresses your bodywork goals. When you arrive you will spend some time talking about your health history and massage needs. You may choose from a variety of  handcrafted infused herbal oils for your session.







60 min $45-$75  / 90 min $75-100 Sliding scale

This gentle hands on energy work faciliates deep relaxation and healing through the transfer of universal life force energy.  For this session you will remain fully clothed.

Plant Spirit Massage

90 min $75-$100  Sliding scale

Plant Spirit Healing involves working with the vital essences of plants at the spirit level of the energy body to effect change on all levels your being. This work includes an intake and assessment process and suggestions for continuing self-care  practices.  Sessions may include Chakra clearing work, energetic integrity/ alignment work and/or removal of stuck/stagnant energies.

Devon's unique approach weaves this energetic work with massage therapy to help you release unhelpful patterns or blockages that may be manifesting in your body or energy field.  Each session is entirely unique and addresses your needs at all levels: Physical, mental/emotional and spiritual/energetic. Together you will work with plant spirit infused massage oil and choose from flower essences made in the Hedgerow gardens to enhance the healing experience. 


Herbal Body Treatments




Mugwort Ritual

120 min $125

Immerse yourself in the healing energy of Mugwort. This beautiful plant moves energy,  clears pathways, encourages visioning/dreaming, and helps us come into integrity on all levels-physical, spiritual, mental/emotional. This treatment integrates plant spirit healing, massage therapy, and energetic hygiene practices to help you clear away stagnant energy and realign with your truest nature. When you arrive we will discuss your specific needs and go over the treatment specifics in detail. The treatment begins with a Mugwort foot bath. Once you are on the massage table you will receive a gentle full body dry brushing to encourage circulation and exfoliation. This is followed by a full body massage with handcrafted mugwort infused oil. The treatment ends with a gentle Mugwort plant spirit healing technique. 

Rose Ritual

120 min $125

Connect with the gentle, loving energy of Rosa rugosa. Rose strongly protects us so that we can soften around the heart space, opening ourselves more to the ebb and flow. This treatment seeks to create an environment that is reminiscent of the oceanside, one of the most common habitats for Rosa rugosa, AKA Beach Rose. When you arrive we will discuss your specific needs and go over the treatment specifics in detail.  We begin with a Rose petal foot bath and Rose infused sea salt foot scrub to soften callouses just as a walk on the beach would. Once you are on the massage table you will receive a full body massage with Rose infused oil. During the massage Devon will incorporate massage techniques she learned at Esalen, a massage style that was created to mirror the flow of ocean tides.  We will complete the session with heart chakra Reiki and a spritzing with homemade Rose hydrosol.













Love from RB:

“Devon is a gifted massage therapist. She knew just how to work with my very tight neck and shoulders. I felt like a different person walking out of there. Besides being highly proficient, she seems to have intuitive hands. Devon is kind, warm, open, and giving—so important in a massage therapist where one is submitting one’s body to touch. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, and I loved how she makes her own solutions for oils. She has good boundaries, of utmost importance. I highly recommend Devon.”