St. John's Wort blooming in the medicinal herb garden.

St. John's Wort blooming in the medicinal herb garden.

Devon tending the gardens at Hedgerow.

Devon tending the gardens at Hedgerow.


Hedgerow Healing Arts is located on a homestead in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. We offer a range of bodywork services as well as workshops focused on ceramics, herbalism, and mystical arts. 

The land here is bordered on one side by Dragon Brook and on the other by an abundant edible hedgerow that provides the boundary between the outside world and the private healing sanctuary we have created within. The many gardens here, including the hedgerow, provide nourishing food, medicine, beauty and magic.

Devon Green Whitney is the creator and manager of Hedgerow Healing Arts. Hedgerow is her home. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, herbalist and ceramic artisan. She provides Integrative Massage Therapy, Reiki, and Herbal Body Treatments. She also hosts workshops and retreats and tends the land at Hedgerow Healing Arts.

Devon's introduction to alternative health care began when she  learned Reiki in 1995 while in the midst of a challenging time in high school.  Learning Reiki was an empowering shift and the springboard from which she launched into bodywork.  In 1999, she completed an Associate Degree massage therapy program at the Swedish Institute in New York City.  After graduating massage school she opened a private practice that primarily focused on treating sports related injuries.  Over the years her practice has evolved to become more integrated with energy work and has focused on chronic pain management, trauma, relaxation/anxiety reduction, and as a supportive component in addiction recovery.  Her practice has been deepened by her studies in herbalism, her work at the People's Medicine Clinic and by massage training at Kripalu and the Esalen Institute.

She believes that massage therapy is a flowing conversation between the client/client's body and the practitioner. Through slow, present, grounded work it is her goal to listen to all the ways each person communicates their needs (both verbally and nonverbally) and to respond with compassion.  Each person's healing process is unique and Devon feels honored to be a witness to that process through her work. Devon sees healing bodywork is a co-creative process, where the practitioner and client work together throughout. She meets each person exactly where they are with trauma informed presence and touch. It is her goal to provide a space that feels nurturing and as safe as possible for each individual she works with, understanding that for each person that space is unique. 

Along with her sliding scale private practice, Devon seeks other channels working to expand access to nourishing bodywork . She is excited to offer her services at the People's Medicine Clinic in Greenfield, MA and at Classic Touch. The People's Medicine  Project is a grassroots social justice organization working toward access and inclusivity in alternative health care.  Classic Touch provides in-home massage therapy services for adults with developmental disabilities in Western, MA.

Devon's love of plants is the foundation of her life and deeply informs her practice and creative pursuits. She began her herbal studies in 2012 with a two year apprenticeship in Western herbalism in the Wise Woman tradition at Blazing Star Herbal School. Then in 2015, she completed an apprecticeship in Plant Spirit Healing with Pam Montgomery.  Devon makes her own infused massage oils, herbal medicines and flower essences from plants she has grown or wildcrafted. Your first session with her includes a flower foot bath with fresh or dried herbs from the Hedgerow gardens. 

Her gardens are her sanctuary and she spends most of her free time there. She is recharged by spending time outdoors making herbal medicine, hiking, swimming and snowshoeing. Connecting with nature and Earth based spiritual practices are her most important form of self-care.  Ceramic hand building has  provided Devon another means of creative expression over the years. You can find her works in clay and some of her herbal projects in her Etsy shop.